2016 African Business Forum: What you need to know

2016 African Business Forum: What you need to know

The African Business Forum (ABF) is the first student-run business conference on African enterprise in Western Canada. Organized by the UBC African Business Club, The ABF congregates international business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and students for focused discussion on enterprise and opportunities in Africa.

EVENT DETAILS: October 22, 2016 (8am to 6pm) at the UBC Student Nest, University Blvd.

The 2016 theme is Africa United: Building Inclusivity, which focuses on inclusivity both among and within African countries. We will be focusing on four core topics: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Geopolitics and Infrastructure & Tech. Each core topic will have a series of panels that will be led by a speaker. For a full list of panels and this year’s world-class speakers, please visit our homepage.

The Forum will be a day of insightful discussion and meaningful relationship building that will culminate in a dance party called NGOMA, to celebrate the end of the conference and, in true African fashion, will bring together people from different backgrounds through entertainment and music.

TICKETS AVAILABLE AT: https://www.picatic.com/ubcabf

If you’re a Member of the UBC African Business Club, please email us about your discount.

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