UBC African Business Club

Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

‘Bring Ideas from Concept to Reality’

During the Innovation Jam, students will examine the concept of innovation within the
context of business. The course will focus on innovation as a solution to a problem, and as
a powerful tool in creating a scalable business. In 60 minutes, we will break down the
process of innovation, and take students through that process step-by-step while solving a
unique problem of their own. This 60 minute workshop will challenge and inspire students
to go from idea to execution in any area of their life with clarity and purpose. The program
will utilize a combination of hands on learning methods such as workshops, working
sessions and coaching from the LOI team.


● Participants learn to use innovation as a solution
● Get familiar with the process of innovation
● Come up with a solution to a specific problem
● Identify the next steps for their idea


INTRO  /  Meet the LOI team (5 min)
WHAT IS INNOVATION?  /  Examine the concept of innovation (10 min)
THE PROCESS  /  Share our methodology of how to practically apply the process of innovation (10 min)
BREAKOUT GROUPS  /  Students will split up into groups to work on a problem (15 min)
REPORT OUT  /  Students will share their problem & solution with the larger group (15 min)
WRAP UP  /  Conclusion (5 min)

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