Our Values

Our Values

Our core values summaries who we are and what we believe in. The African Business Club looks for and expects three core values from our members and executives: Integrity, Tenacity, and Unity.



At the African Business Club, we believe that integrity forms a necessary condition for excellent performance. Integrity is seen not a virtue but rather a factor of production. We believe in honouring our word for the workability of our team in order to drive performance. We strive to foster an authentic feedback culture in order to keep each other accountable and check ourselves when we may act out-of-integrity.



As representatives of the African Business Club, we are determined and persistent in spreading our mission.  At the African Business Club, we believe that no matter how complex a challenge, there exists a model to solve it. By this logic, we believe that we are uniquely poised to play a role in exposing, exploring, and creating such models in Western Canada and North America at large.



At the African Business Club, Pan Africanism forms a core component of our work. Pan-Africanism is an ideology that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide, both living on the continent and in the diaspora.  Furthermore, we seek to strengthen roots within UBC and the North American community at large.

We believe that uniting our communities and aligning our goals is vital to the economic, political, and social prosperity of continent. We do not believe in the model that the development of one must come at the expense of another, but rather that symbiotic growth is vital for long term prosperity.


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