Looking for passionate people who would like to join the ABC executive team as:


Hospitality Director
Operations & Logistics Director
Marketing Co-Director(s)
Corporate Relations Co-Director(s)
Internal Admin and Global Lounge Representative
IT Director
Conference Associate
Finance Panel Director
Infrastructure and Technology Panel Director
Entrepreneurship Panel Director
Geopolitics Panel Director

Job descriptions can be found here:

We know you’ve got what it takes, so don’t hesitate. Send in your resume and cover letter to

All applications are due by Thursday, March 22nd 2018 at 12:00pm.



UBC African Business Club

Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

‘Bring Ideas from Concept to Reality’

During the Innovation Jam, students will examine the concept of innovation within the
context of business. The course will focus on innovation as a solution to a problem, and as
a powerful tool in creating a scalable business. In 60 minutes, we will break down the
process of innovation, and take students through that process step-by-step while solving a
unique problem of their own. This 60 minute workshop will challenge and inspire students
to go from idea to execution in any area of their life with clarity and purpose. The program
will utilize a combination of hands on learning methods such as workshops, working
sessions and coaching from the LOI team.


● Participants learn to use innovation as a solution
● Get familiar with the process of innovation
● Come up with a solution to a specific problem
● Identify the next steps for their idea


INTRO  /  Meet the LOI team (5 min)
WHAT IS INNOVATION?  /  Examine the concept of innovation (10 min)
THE PROCESS  /  Share our methodology of how to practically apply the process of innovation (10 min)
BREAKOUT GROUPS  /  Students will split up into groups to work on a problem (15 min)
REPORT OUT  /  Students will share their problem & solution with the larger group (15 min)
WRAP UP  /  Conclusion (5 min)

Africa’s Vision into The Internet of Things

Africa’s Vision into The Internet of Things

Join us at the Global Lounge on Wednesday, 18th Oct @ 6:30pm to learn more about the ‘Internet of Things’ and how this new trend is affecting our continent.

Lots of FREE FOOD to enjoy and lots of new people to meet! This event is free and open to everyone. So don’t be the only one who misses out!!!

Executive Team Hiring 2017-18

Executive Team Hiring 2017-18


We’re looking for passionate people who would like to join the ABC executive team as Co-Marketing Director, Hospitality Director and Conference Associates (we will be hiring two people for this position).

We know you’ve got what it takes, so don’t hesitate. Send in your resume and cover letter to

All applications are due by Wednesday, October 12th 2017 at 11:59pm.

Please find below the job descriptions of the positions we’re hiring for. Do contact us if you require additional clarification on particular roles.

Hospitality Director

Co-Marketing Director

Conference Associates

Get to Know Your ABCs

Get to Know Your ABCs

The Africa Business Club is hosting its first event for its members! Come join us to have a fun time getting to know the club and all the other members of the club.
It’s also an opportunity for us to get to know you!

So come eat FREE food, vibe to good music, make new friends and join the ABC family!!!

Get to Know Your ABCs:

When: Friday, Sept 28th From 7pm – 8:30pm

Where: UBC Global Lounge (Marine Drive Building 1)

Membership: $5 (Ask about our perks!!)

2016 African Business Forum: What you need to know

2016 African Business Forum: What you need to know

The African Business Forum (ABF) is the first student-run business conference on African enterprise in Western Canada. Organized by the UBC African Business Club, The ABF congregates international business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and students for focused discussion on enterprise and opportunities in Africa.

EVENT DETAILS: October 22, 2016 (8am to 6pm) at the UBC Student Nest, University Blvd.

The 2016 theme is Africa United: Building Inclusivity, which focuses on inclusivity both among and within African countries. We will be focusing on four core topics: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Geopolitics and Infrastructure & Tech. Each core topic will have a series of panels that will be led by a speaker. For a full list of panels and this year’s world-class speakers, please visit our homepage.

The Forum will be a day of insightful discussion and meaningful relationship building that will culminate in a dance party called NGOMA, to celebrate the end of the conference and, in true African fashion, will bring together people from different backgrounds through entertainment and music.


If you’re a Member of the UBC African Business Club, please email us about your discount.

Our Values

Our Values

Our core values summaries who we are and what we believe in. The African Business Club looks for and expects three core values from our members and executives: Integrity, Tenacity, and Unity.



At the African Business Club, we believe that integrity forms a necessary condition for excellent performance. Integrity is seen not a virtue but rather a factor of production. We believe in honouring our word for the workability of our team in order to drive performance. We strive to foster an authentic feedback culture in order to keep each other accountable and check ourselves when we may act out-of-integrity.



As representatives of the African Business Club, we are determined and persistent in spreading our mission.  At the African Business Club, we believe that no matter how complex a challenge, there exists a model to solve it. By this logic, we believe that we are uniquely poised to play a role in exposing, exploring, and creating such models in Western Canada and North America at large.



At the African Business Club, Pan Africanism forms a core component of our work. Pan-Africanism is an ideology that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide, both living on the continent and in the diaspora.  Furthermore, we seek to strengthen roots within UBC and the North American community at large.

We believe that uniting our communities and aligning our goals is vital to the economic, political, and social prosperity of continent. We do not believe in the model that the development of one must come at the expense of another, but rather that symbiotic growth is vital for long term prosperity.