Panel 1: The Second Liberation: How women can reimagine the future of Africa


The first liberation struggle was for political freedom. The second liberation is one of social transformation and economic emancipation. This panel will discuss the role of women in liberating the minds of young Africans in their communities. We will examine the responsibility of women in shaping the systems of government that will make sure no one is left behind in the growth of Africa. The panel will look at how women can drive economic emancipation, the unique positions of women in the private and public sector and the opportunities for collaboration that exist.

Panel 2: Chinese investment into Africa

This Panel first addresses Chinese resource for infrastructure loans in Africa. These are loans in which China provides soft loans to African countries in exchange for access to natural resource deposits and mineral deposits. We will the positive and detrimental effects of such a model for the African countries in question.  This Panel will then shift focus into political corruption in Sino-African relations. We will examine the closed-off nature of high-level engagement between Chinese and respective African government officials. The panel would discuss also delve into cases of accusations of corruption against African politicians in dealings with China.


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