Darlington Ahiale Akogo

                                                         Panel: Infrastructure and Technology

Darlington Ahiale Akogo is a Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineer & Researcher who founded minoHealth which develops Artificial Intelligence systems for medical diagnoses and prognoses. They also use Data Science and Cloud Computing to collect, analyse and visualize health data.

He also heads minoHealth AI Labs where they research and apply Artificial Intelligence to fields like Biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering, Neuroscience, Optometry, Epidemiology, Dietetics/Nutrition and Agriculture. And with Gudra AI Studio, they explore Artificial Intelligence applied to general domains like Energy, Art, Education and Linguistics.

Darlington Ahiale Akogo is an Artificial Intelligence advocate, communicator and mentor. He believes Artificial Intelligence can solve a lot of problems plaguing Africa and being proactive is necessary in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and the 4th Industrial Revolution. So Darlington advocates, teaches and communicates Artificial Intelligence through seminars, lectures, interviews, writings and mentorships.

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