Dave Lello

Dave Lello is an entrepreneur at heart and has been involved in many start-ups and turn-arounds and has previously run a number of businesses in software and networking and helped develop distribution channels for multi-nationals in Southern Africa countries. His skills include introducing new technologies and building reseller networks. He is passionate about small business, and how enabling entrepreneurs can build capabilities and jobs in developing economies. Dave is the founder and owner Ekasi Energy, a startup company focused on renewable biomass energy opportunities in Southern Africa. The company’s primary focus is developing a market for biomass pellets made from various biomass waste streams into usable compressed fuel. This is used for commercial heating and domestic cooking. Ekasi Energy is using local ownership models to transform the “waste to energy” biomass market. Sustainable “Last Mile” and “First Mile” renewable technologies / businesses are vital to solving poverty alleviation and play a key role in delivering on the SDG’s in the developing world.

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