Forum 2019

The African Business Club (ABC) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is Western Canada’s premier student-led platform that seeks to educate and promote business opportunities in Africa. Through our annual flagship event, the African Business Forum (ABF), we converge students, academics, and professionals globally with an interest in Africa to UBC’s Vancouver campus.

Last year the African Business Forum (ABF) 2016, focused on the theme of “Blueprints for the next generation: Shaping the driving force behind Africa’s growth”.

This year, as our next chapter to the Forum, our theme Africa: Emerging Markets and Growth Within focuses on emerging markets in Africa as well as internal growth.


During our annual conference, the UBC Africa Business Club offers four engaging panel discussions on topics relevant to the theme and the current African landscape. The panels for this year will be:


Infrastructure and Technology 

Topic 1: Fourth Industrial Revolution: Leveraging AI To Africa’s Advantage.

Topic 2: Financing research in Africa.


Topic 1: Making an impact driven startup.

Topic 2: Navigating Entrepreneurial capital in Africa.


Topic 1: Growth investing: The African company's next financial challenge.

Topic 2: Financing research in Africa.


Topic 1: Africa Trade Agreement.

Topic 2: Incorporating the Rural areas as business worthy.