Lungwela Tyali

Lungelwa has always had a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. She has leads many reading and study groups at the local school and has assisted with aspiring youngsters to go to university. Therefore it was no surprise that when the SolarTurtle business opportunity presented itself, she jumped at the opportunity. Her rural solar kiosk business has successfully been in operation since June 2015 and has created employment opportunities for 6 young people from the community. Lungelwa studied marketing and communication and has made her mark on the corporate world. For 6 years she was the Vice President at Ericsson Telecom and was responsible to expanding Ericsson into the Sub-Saharan market. However, she became disillusioned from corporate life and wanted to make an impact on the world. In 2007 she returned to her rural village where she grew up with the dream of making it on her own terms. Since then she has started numerous ventures but it was the renewable energy sector that really captured her attention. Currently she is operating as a director and as the head of operations and communications at SolarTurtle. With her extensive experience doing business across the African and having firsthand experience growing up in a rural community, she is poised to take SolarTurtle to the next level.

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