This year we recruited a team of very  talented individuals who are very passionate about the African Business spectrum. Emerging from diverse backgrounds, they are working really hard to make this year's events as memorable and impact as ever. Read their bio's to learn more about them individually.

Komal Mudher

Major: Commerce with a specialization in Accounting

Komal is a fourth-year Sauder specializing in accounting. She was the marketing co-director of the Africa Business Club in the previous year (2017-2018). Born and brought up in Tanzania, she is passionate about business and understands its importance in growing economies. As co-president, she hopes to channel this passion and create a space at UBC for dialogue about emerging economies in Africa and their role in Canada. Komal hopes to graduate in Spring 2019 and will be starting full-time with KPMG in the Fall.

Hobbies: Reading, Playing field hockey and Listening to Sauti Sol

Renee Voisin
Co - Chair

Renee is a 4th year Accounting major at the Sauder School of Business and she is happy to be serving as the Co-Chair of the UBC Africa Business Club. What drew her to UBC ABC was the immediate sense of community she felt at the welcome event hosted back in September 2016. She has served as the ABC Treasurer for the 2017-2018 academic year and looks forward with anticipation and confidence to the great events she knows the club will host.


“I cannot wait for the wider UBC community to see how we unpack the topic of African Emerging Markets and Growth. We promise to deliver an experience that both informs and challenges perspective.”

Agang Tema
Corporate Relations Director

Agang is currently a 3rd year student pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in International Relations. Born and raised in Francistown, Botswana, he is fluent in Setswana, English, Kalanga and Turkish. Agang has a distinct interest in cultures, languages and travel, and is also an avid Formula 1 fan.

Having held several leadership positions in both volunteer and professional settings, Agang is looking forward to being part of an entrepreneurship-focused organization. "Corporate Relations is a bit of a stretch from anything that I've done before. I'm revved up for the challenge, and plan to provide some innovative and lasting contributions to the portfolio."

Michelle Marufu
Operations and Logistics Director

Currently a second year at UBC, Michelle is working towards an Economics major in the Faculty of Arts. With a burning passion for various aspects of Economics, business and event co-ordination, Michelle has always been found to be active in the running of several clubs and societies within her high school in Zimbabwe, moving on to take more active roles in the student government and graduation committee of UWC Dilijan. Furthermore, Michelle enjoys public speaking, and from a tender age she has taken part in activities like International and local debate tournaments, and has emceed on several occasions including at the Inaugural UWC Dilijan graduation, in front of thousands of viewers. Having opened herself up to share her experiences, organize events and engage in public speaking, she is proud and honoured to have been able to meet and engage with inspirational people like George Clooney, Noubar Afeyan and Benjamin Mkapa, amongst others, who have all been exceptional in their areas of work and have inspired her to take any opportunity to learn something new or challenge herself, hence the taking on of the role of Operations and Logistics Director. She hopes it will be a growing experience and looks forward to working with the team and looking back proudly and what will be achieved over the year.

Harshmeet Arora
Entrepreneurship Panel Co-Director

Harshmeet Arora is the Entrepreneurship Panel Co-Director for the African Business Club, UBC. He a fourth-year Computer Engineering student at UBC. He currently works as a software developer intern at Dassault Systemes. Harshmeet is deeply passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and is a part of AMS Entrepreneurship Hub (eHub)- is a student-led service dedicated to providing its members with access to entrepreneurial services through consults, seminars, and community collaboration. He is a part of e@UBC’s Innovation Scholars Program, aimed to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.
Previously, Harshmeet worked with Ernst and Young as a cybersecurity intern. At UBC, he worked as Digital Media & Communications Assistant, Faculty for Applied Sciences. He has also been involved with international NGO- CURE - a development organization with its focus on urban poverty reduction and development of pro-poor policy and instruments of effective governance.

Pacifique Ineza
Infrastructure and Technology Panel Director

Pacifique is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Entrepreneurship. His desire is to better understand and expAfrica's is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Entrepreneurship at UBC. He is currently interning at Intel Corporation as a Hardware Engineer where he works on the thermal and mechanical design of Solid State Drives. With a keen interest in sustainable energy sources, Pacifique hopes to explore Africa’s untapped potential in this sector and its impact on infrastructure and technology.

Chawanangwa Kaluwa

Major: Commerce

Chawa has always been passionate about business opportunities in Africa. He have lived in 5 African countries and each has left its sense of home imprinted on him. Chawa believes the future success of the Africa business landscape lays in the strategic collaboration of countries and governments.

Raghav Rmadya
Entrepreneurship Panel Director

Raghav is a 4th year BIE student. He is currently working as a virtual reality integration researcher with the office of regional and international community engagement and is helping with designing two upcoming courses at UBC.

Raghav likes to read about startups in his free time and explore hiking spots around Vancouver.

Moses Kirathe

Moses is a 2nd-year at the Sauder School of Business, specializing in Business and Computer Science. He hails from Nairobi, Kenya. Moses is very interested in how technology can be used as a tool for problem solving in small and medium sized businesses, and how it can further provide opportunities for growth. Moses is privileged to be serving as the Treasurer of ABC, and is very excited to be part of the team.

Shaista Meghji
Hospitality Director

A perfectionist who loves to take on responsibilities and use her interpersonal skills and her strong motivation to make Africa succeed. Born and raised in Tanzania, Shaista realized the immense opportunities that Africa possesses especially for the youth. Youth empowerment is what she hopes to bring back and believes can result in the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovative leaders.

Akosua Ofori
Corporate Relations Director

Akosua is a 2nd year BIE student from Ghana. She’s a travel, music and food enthusiast with high accolades in the art of eating Jollof. In her spare time she likes to binge watch Suits, bake banana bread and is always up for a discussion on neo-imperialism and colonialism in modern day Africa. You can probably catch her on campus with her head stuck in any Chimamanda N Adichie novel

Panashe Mapokotera
Infrastructure and Technology Panel Director

Panashe Mapokotera is a 4th year Integrated Engineering student. Originally from Harare, Zimbabwe,  Panashe joined the club because of it’s vision of engaging students in discussion of pertinent issues regarding Africa. He is excited for the year ahead and working with the team to deliver a wonderful conference.

Chelsie Johnson
Graduate Representative
Judith Otiti
Internal Administrator & Global Lounge Administrator
Racheal Ayugi
Brandon Bwanakocha